Rakan Shadi AlAidi

راكان شادي العايدي Rakan Shadi AlAidi
راكان شادي العايدي Rakan Shadi AlAidi

راكان شادي العايدي

A bereaved father’s lament for his son, the fruit of his life, and the pleasure of his life:

My son Amir is my friend and companion. He is not more than five years old. Amir was affectionate, shy, very sensitive and stubborn. He was very attached to me. He would wake up in the morning kissing me while I was sleeping. I would often wake up, and his mother (may God heal her) would prepare breakfast for him and I would prepare his favorite juice and a sandwich for him, and he would often stay with me. With his brothers (Rakan and Rahaf), we wait for the bus when it comes. He gets on the bus, waving his hand at me happily as he goes to the kindergarten. Then he comes back at noon and keeps laughing until he gets up and enters the door of the apartment. The first question is, where is dad?

With reassurance that I am at home, he throws his bag and says, “I have my homework” and sits on his phone for an hour or more and then goes downstairs with his brother #Rakan. They play in front of the house. After an hour or more, Amir comes back to reassure me that I am at home and did not leave without him, then he goes back to playing again, and this is Amir, my friend and lover, gone. Far away and never returned, and the other left me a hole deep in my liver… with his brother, his grandmother, Stu, his uncles, his aunt, his cousins, his aunts, and his uncles. He didn’t even finish his school year, and I couldn’t even say goodbye to him I will not forgive and will not forgive those who burned me alive!!!? We belong to Allah and to Him we shall return

Allah (Alone) is sufficient for us and he is the best disposer of affairs

رثاء الأب المكلوم لإبنه، ثمرة عمره، وفلذة كبده:
إبني أمير هو صاحبي ورفيقي لا يتجاوز عمره الخمس سنوات ، أمير كان حنونًا وخجولًا وحساسًا جدا وعنيد ، كان متعلقًا بي كثيرًا ، يستيقظ صباحًا يقبلني وأنا نائم غالبًا أستيقظ ، وأمه(الله يشفيها) تجهز له الفطور وأنا أجهز له عصيره المفضل وسندوتش وغالبًا نزل معًا أنا وأخوته (راكان ورهف) ننتظر الباص عندما يأتي ، يركب الباص ملوحًا بيده لي فرحًا وهو ذاهب إلي الروضة ثم يعود ظهرًا ويبقي يضحك حتي يصعد ويدخل باب الشقة آول سؤال وين بابا بطمن إني بالبيت يرمي الشنته ويقول حلو لي واجباتي ، ويجلس علي هاتفه ساعة أو أكثر ومن ثم ينزل بعدها مع أخوه #راكان يلعبون أمام البيت بعد ساعه أو أكثر يعود أمير ليطمئن أنني بالبيت ولم أخرج من دونه ثم يعود للعب مره أخرى وهذا أمير صاحبي وحبيبي ذهب بعيدًا ولم يعد أبدًا وترك لي الآخر فجوه في عمق كبدي .. مع أخوه و جدته وستو وأعمامه وعمته وأولاد عمه وخالاته وخواله
لم يكمل حتي عامه الدراسي ولم أستطيع حتي وداعه
لن أغفر ولن أسامح من حرقني حيا !!!؟
إنا لله وإنا إليه راجعون
حسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل

Rakan Shadi AlAidi

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